Margot Allin is a Canadian fashion designer based in Toronto Canada. Margot stared her designs at the age of 18 and opened her first store in 1994 Queen Street West Toronto.

"I’ll do the design, pick the fabric and have two local contractors — one for woven, one for knitwear."

My  grandmother taught me how to sew, and the values of natural fabrics. I would comb the Goodwill, fingers stopping on wools, cashmeres and silks. Purchase these garments  and reconstruct them. Then friends started asking me to make clothes for them, I thought sure I can do that. 26 years later my designs still reflect these value.

Any Direct Flight moved to Leslievllie in 2006

Renovating a derelict building at Queen and Greenwood, before Leslieville was a chic neighbourhood. I opening my doors to the community with restored tin celling, exposed brick and hard wood floors. Filling the store with my designs and a selection of Canadian made designer clothing. Three years late I opened a café to compliment the store and connect with the community. I wanted to create a beautiful place where people could come and stay, providing a shopping experience!

"I came for the tea and left with a tunic." Rita Zekas, Toronto Star.

 Any Direct Flight Fashion carries styles  that can be worn to reflect an individuals style not necessary the trends.

I am often asked about the shop’s name, it stems from my honeymoon when my husband and I were stranded in Miami for 12 hours on route to Panama due to a political coo.

I finally requested the ticketing agent get us on the next “any direct flight” south. It took us to Ecuador. The trip was a wonderful adventure and a lesson in life to be open to a change in direction, to adapt to perhaps what was not the original plan. This message has since always resonated for me.